Superman Fake Nerd T-Shirt

Superman Fake Nerd T-Shirt

It’s cool to be a nerd or geek these days so a lot of people are grabbing glasses and pocket protectors to fit in, but one person was rocking the four-eyed look before it became popular. The Superman Fake Nerd T-Shirt features the man of steel in disguise as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, with a retro look that suggests this was Clark when he was a nerd of the highest degree, acting like a wimpy guy who avoided any and all physical altercations to hide the fact that he could bench-press the Daily Planet.

Superman Fake Nerd T-Shirt

  • 100% cotton turquoise t-shirt features Clark Kent
  • Available in adult sizes.

Clark has gotten a little more modern (and cooler) these days but he still holds a special place in our hearts for being one of the first fake nerds, and you can celebrate that iconic moment with the Superman Fake Nerd T-Shirt for $24.95 at and $20 at

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