Supercat Catnip Caves

Supercat Catnip Caves

Your kitties are going to love these Supercat Catnip Caves. They will probably go crazy for it.

As your cat interacts with the bag it releases catnip and you know how they love that stuff. Thanks to nano technology, this bag has a long-lasting scent too. It is party time for kitty!

Supercat Catnip Caves

  • Each pack includes 3 paper bags infused with catnip
  • Microencapsulated catnip is released when touched, rubbed, scratched
  • Catnip in bags lasts for approximately 6 weeks of intense feline investigation (which means this pack contains almost a half a year’s worth of ‘nip – however, the bag will probably be in shreds long before that)
  • Made in the USA

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