Star Trek Sterling Dock Ring

Star Trek RockLove Docking Ring

Prepare for docking maneuvers with this Star Trek Sterling Dock Ring and prepare to take your jewelry where it has never gone before.

You don’t have to sign up for a five-year mission or wear a red shirt to enjoy this stylish, officially-licensed ring from RockLove. Cast in solid artisan sterling silver, the Original Series Enterprise (NCC-1701) comes as two separate rings that are divided between the stardrive body of the ship and the saucer section. Just stack them together to assemble Captain James T. Kirk’s intergalactic ride.

The Star Trek Sterling Dock Ring is available for $144.95 at


  1. Saucer separation for the Constitution-Class was extremely dangerous and used only in the event of a catastrophic emergency. Metaphor for separating the rings? lol

    At first I thought this was an engagement/wedding ring set (the bridge being the diamond would have been a nice touch), and was going to quote Picard, but it’s NCC-1701, no D, right?

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