Star Trek Fish Car Emblem

Star Trek Fish Car Emblem

We’ve all seen countless cars with the Ichthys fish emblem (or the Darwin version of it) on their bumper, but now geeks have a version especially for them. Trekkies can get the Star Trek Fish Car Emblem, which has an adhesive backing to easily stick to metal or plastic, to show their desire to boldly go where no man has gone before…in their automobile. The design is really quite innovative, because before seeing this I never realized the Enterprise came anywhere close to resembling a fish.

Star Trek Fish Car Emblem

Boldly go and proclaim your love for all things Trek. Lament that your car doesn’t have an anti-matter warp core, or is armed with photon torpedoes! Show everyone you know, everywhere you go, that infinite diversity in infinite combinations is your prime directive! Ok, maybe that was a stretch, but still – there’s nothing like being a Trekkie (shakes fist – ownnn iiiiiit…) and having a Trek Fish Car Emblem shining proudly on your vehicle.

Order the Star Trek Car Emblem for $9.99 from the Star Trek Store or for $7.99 from ThinkGeek.

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