Star Trek Become A Redshirt T-Shirt

Star Trek Become A Redshirt TShirt

Starfleet must have a hard time finding security personnel after the propaganda created by the old Star Trek TV show, but wearing the Star Trek Become A Redshirt T-Shirt will allow you to join the fight to set things right and insure that all starships have enough security officers.

In classic Trek, it seemed like the guys in the red shirts were always getting killed but that’s simply not true. Lots of Redshirts survived that five-year mission. Just look at the facts – Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott survived, and…ummm… well. Hmmmm. Yeoman Rand also lived, although I guess that’s more of a red dress than a red shirt.

Okay!!!! I give up. If you promote the wearing of the ominous red shirt, you are promoting cannon fodder… but that might not necessarily be a bad thing. I can think of a few people that would look pretty darn good in red. *wink, wink*

You can convince your ‘friends’ to see the galaxy (for a little while, anyway) with the Star Trek Become A Redshirt T-Shirt for $16.99 at Urban Collector.

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