Spoils of War Game

Spoils of War

The Spoils of War Game is going to be a ton of fun for your whole viking horde. It is a fast-paced game of betting, bluffing, and set collection.

In this game you will acquire Viking gold, armor, magical items, and other loot. So go ahead and raid and pillage. Players take turns bidding and bluffing on how many dice and pips they believe exist among all players. The bids rise into a challenge in which everyone must pick a side and make a wager. The winning team gets the spoils of war. After 9 rounds, the value of each player’s gold coins and treasure cards is totaled, and the Viking with the most gold wins. Try to play nice while you loot each other.

$39.99 from ThinkGeek.com. You can save money on the Spoils of War Game at Rout.com. No raiding or pillaging needed.

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