Spider-Man Cycling Skinsuit Costume

Spiderman Cycling Skinsuit

If you want to look just like Spider-Man in a skin tight costume, this Spider-Man Cycling Skinsuit Costume is perfect. You could probably wear it under your clothes and pretend to be Peter Parker. Maybe even get a job as a photographer.

The details on this suit are pretty amazing for the price. It’s also perfect for Halloween. Not just cycling events and crime fighting.

This amazing, even spectacular suit is just $120.46 from Amazon.com. Spidey fans will love it.

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  1. Did they really have to plaster their logo on the knees, back and chest? On top of that did we really need the word spider-man arcorss the middle of the back?

    Were they afraid someone would wear this out and pretend to be a real spider-man?

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