Spam Bandages

SPAM Bandages

I love Spam. I love it in most of its available varieties: Pepper, Bacon, Smoked, even Turkey Spam. Before this begins to sound something like some ad for Spam, let me just say though that I’ve gone through a lot of pains with Spam sometimes. Not from just dropping the can sometimes on my foot (yes, I’m that clumsy,) but because I’ve cut myself once or twice on the can’s lid. And what better way to cover up those boo-boos than with these Spam Bandages?

Turn minor cuts into something amusing with Spam Bandages and enjoy some Spam Mints, while you’re at it.

Spam Bandages

  • 15 meaty bandage strips!
  • Retro Collectible Tin
  • SPAM tasty treat for dinner!

The Spam Bandages are available at Amazon from $2.39 and at Perpetual Kid for $3.99.

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