Soloshot Your Life and Activities Effortlessly

Soloshot Camera Tripod and Wireless Transmitter

Getting selfies for Instagram is already somewhat difficult, but capturing footage of yourself while doing athletic activities is even more of a headache, that is unless you’ve got access to something like the Soloshot.

The Soloshot will automatically track your movements thanks to a small waterproof transmitter that you wear on your arm. It can rotate by up to 40 degrees per second for a whole 360 degrees and will work with any camera or camcorder with a tripod mount. It can track objects up to 2000 feet away, moving at speeds of up to 140 mph. It will save you the expense of a film crew.

  • Works with any camera or camcorder (up to 5 lbs) that can attach to a standard tripod.
  • Batteries last 5 hours.
  • Tracks at distances up to 2000 feet.
  • Base can continuously spin 360 degrees.
  • Maximum pan speed is over 40 degrees per second.
  • Maximum speed of target is over 140 mph.
  • A super bright tracking LED with 15 degree shine angle lets you know SOLOSHOT is pointing at you.
  • We designed in a security feature that gives you an access point to lock your camera to the Base and the tripod can be locked to nearby stationary objects.
  • The pairing process allows multiple people to use their own SOLOSHOT next to each other. Each Base will only follow the Armband that it is paired to.

The Soloshot was completely funded as a Kickstarter project last year and is available for $479 at and B&H Photo.

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