Sock Sandals

Sock Sandals

Some geeks are still guilty of committing the socks and sandals crime. After all the teasing, ridiculing and eye-rolling over the years, I betcha you’ll still see at least a dozen geeks walking around with socks and sandals this summer. Most of the time, it’s the white tube socks, too. Mock the biggest fashion no-no of all time and clown around in these super ugly Sock Sandals.

Talk about a 2 for 1! Meet the Silly Sock Sandals. No need to rub your eyes, seeing is believing. Now for the first time socks and sandals have joined forces and have melded into one. Imagine the smiles you’ll receive as you sport the silliest socks known to mankind. Furthermore, you’ll save valuable time getting ready for the day. Actually Silly Sock Sandals although comfortable give minimum foot protection and aren’t meant to be worn for outdoor activities such as coal mining and/or sheep herding.

Please note: These are just funny socks, the sandal and straps are printed on the socks.

We know, we know. Socks and sandals are comfortable, but one look at yourself wearing these sock sandals will help you realize that they truly are unsexy; doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. Looks like the sandal print on the socks is trying to mimic gladiator-style footwear or sandals worn in biblical times. Spartacus didn’t wear socks, so why should we? I guess socks weren’t yet invented back then, but that’s beside the point.

Dare to commit the Sock Sandals crime by purchasing your own pair at MenKind for £4.99 or at BaronBob for $5.95. For the record, it’s not our fault if you get arrested by the fashion police.

Here’s another example of socks undergoing an identity crisis, pretending that they’re a pair of shoes. The Hightop Sneaker Socks are almost as funky as a pair of Chuck Taylor hightops.

UPDATE February 2013: You can now purchase the Sandal Socks at the NeatoShop for $11.95 and at for $10.95.

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