Protection Sock

Protection Sock

Some people wear shoes without socks, but I don’t know of anyone who will willingly go out with just socks on. It’s not only incredibly stupid, but it’s also going to hurt your feet, too. I’m talking about regular old socks here though, because apparently there’s a new pair of socks in town that aren’t meant to be worn with shoes.

Introducing the Protection Sock from The Swiss Barefoot Company. These socks are 8 percent spandex, 10 percent cotton, 32 percent polyester, and 52 percent Kevlar. In case you didn’t know, Kevlar is a super strong material that is used in making everything from bicycle tires to body armors to racing sails. The bottoms of the socks are also coated with a PVC laminate to make them more cut-resistant.

Protect your feet without the shoes with these Protection Socks, available from the Swiss Barefoot Company for €59 ($78.) Just be prepared to get some strange looks while you’re wearing them in public though.

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