Rose Thorn Stripper

Rose Thorn Stripper

Roses are probably the most well-known and prettiest flowers among all the others. Ironically, they can also cause people a great deal of pain because of their thorns. Case in point: I once saw a young guy give his girlfriend three roses, when she suddenly yelped in pain because a thorn had pricked her thumb. Not a very pretty sight.

The situation is easily prevented and corrected, however, with the Rose Thorn Stripper. The device might seem trivial; after all, you can just manually remove the thorns as well with some scissors or with the use of some other material. But the Stripper makes everything easy, safe, and convenient because all you have to do is clamp it on the stem and pull down to remove all the thorns.

The Rose Thorn Stripper is available at for $24.95 and at for $14.99.

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