Robot Arm

Robot Arm

This kit allows you to build a robotic arm that can grasp anything up to 1.7 inches in width, lift objects weighing up to 100g, using its LED to provide you with a search light, and much more.

The wired control robot arm kit comes disassembled so it’s an ideal way to learn about basic robotic technology. If you know anyone that wants to come up with next great invention then this would be a perfect way to get them started. It has five motors all controlled via the hand set which allows you amazing, precession movements.

Here’s a video demonstration of the robot arm:

It has a maximum lift weight of 100g, opening gripper capable of grasping anything up to 1.7″ in width, a 120 degree wrist pivot, a 300 degree elbow motion, a 180 degree base motion and a LED search light for night time operations.


  • Build it yourself robot
  • Learn basic robotics
  • 5 motor control handset
  • LED light for night time operations
  • No soldering required
  • Dimentions: 22.8cm x 16cm x 38cm
  • Powered by 4 x D size batteries.

Robot Arm

The Robot Arm can be pre-ordered now from the Red5 website for £30 (about $60 USD). The product is expected to arrive April 21, 2008.

Update: Buy what appears to be the same robotic arm at


  1. Oh man I’m saving my box tops for this one.
    All I need is a remote control interface for it and it can go onto a wheeled ROV!

    A video camera would be mounted to the wrist so that not only do you see what you are gripping, but the arm ends up being a cool articulated navigation camera mount as well.

    I don’t know if the search light LED is white or not, but surely it’s an easy mod.
    Hmmm, put an IR LED on there and no one will see it but the camera!


  2. I am so interested to build a kid like this. I need some one help.Pls send me the archetechure or design of the robotices

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