Robot Air Hedz

Robot Air Hedz

Kids totally love the toys we feature on GeekAlerts, but often times they’re amused by the simplest things like cardboard boxes, balloons and inflatable stuff. Here’s something I’m certain kids will dig because it’s part-costume and part-toy: the Robot Air Hedz inflatable robot head and blaster.

Robot – Air Hedz

  • One-size fits most kids
  • Inflate/deflate to adjust fit
  • Age: 5 to 7 years
  • Size (box): 7″ x 10″ x 2-1/2″ (17.5 cm x 25 cm x 6 cm)

It’s not clear whether we’re born with the affinity to shoot things or whether it’s a learned trait, but we have Homo habilis to thank for inventing weapons – oh yeah, and thanks for the invention of tools as well. In any case, humans have an incredible knack for using weapons starting at a very early age. If parents don’t give them weapons, kids manage to turn sticks and stones into weapons. Which brings me to my point that the Air Hedz blaster gun is not such a terrible choice of toy weaponry, relative to the ones on the market that can actually do some damage. The blaster is soft, light, and perfect for little hands to grip. Trust me, the ‘ptchoo, ptchoo’ sound effects will come naturally. You could even nickname it the second-generation “Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator” by Marvin the Martian.

The matching robot head is more silly-looking than scary, and encourages imaginary play with the robot’s big eyes, silver shine, and exaggerated antennas. What’s not to love about him? You can inflate or deflate the head to fit yours or your child’s head, making it versatile and truly one-size-fits-all. The head might even provide a little cushioning for those unexpected wipe-outs.

The Robot Air Hedz set is available at Neatoshop for $11.95.

Other wacky inflatable head gear seen on GA are: the Emergency Inflatable Brain and Giant Inflatable Afro Wig.

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