Rainy Day Ice Tray

Rainy Day Ice Tray

The poorly-named Rainy Day Ice Tray takes a geektastic spin when you use your imagination to come up with a new name for the uniquely-designed ice ‘cube’ maker. How about the ‘Dinosaurs Are Coming Ice Tray’ or the ‘Zombies Busting Through The Door Ice Tray?’

This silicone ice tray, made from food-safe virgin silicone, creates ice cubes that create the illusion of ripples being created across the surface of your drink. Raindrops creating the ripple effect? Sure, that works, but do you know what pops into my mind?

Remember the scene in Jurassic Park, when our fearless park adventurers are alerted to something big, scaly, and hungry headed their way because of the ripples in the drink? Now you can recreate that scene yourself, minus the terror of being hunted and eaten by a cloned dinosaur.

Of course, you don’t have to just imagine dinosaurs. It could be zombies… or Justin Bieber fans who believe the Biebster is crashing at your place. Whew! There’s a scary thought.

The Rainy Day Ice Tray can be purchase for $9.99 at Perpetual Kid and Amazon.com.

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