Python Darth Vader Mask

Star Wars Python Darth Vader Mask

You don’t know the power of snakes until you’ve seen the Python Darth Vader Mask. And now I wish there had been a film showing Anakin Skywalker slaying a space python to create his Vader armor.

Originally produced by Disney, and based on the mold used to cast the costume in the movies, this slick replica is made of python skin, and it looks like something the Dark Lord of the Sssssssith would definitely wear.

NOTE: According to the website, “All of our leathers are responsible sourced and pose no threat to the actual specie. These reptiles or animals ARE NOT taken from their natural habitat and killed for fashion. Cruelty free product, we are a responsible and conscious company when it comes to the materials we select for our products.”

There were only 1200 helmets made, with this one being #235. The mask and the helmet detach, and yes, it’s wearable.

The Python Darth Vader Mask is available for $3000 at Elemnt.

(via Fashionably Geek)

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