Personal Pie Factory

Personal Pie Factory

Want to be able to say you ate a whole pie by yourself and not have to worry about feeling guilty over making such a statement? The Personal Pie Factory proves that eating a whole pie doesn’t have to be an act of gluttony.

I love pie. I mean I really love pie. And I have absolutely no problem with grabbing one of those delectable 9-inch wonders of sweetness and shoving the whole thing in my face. However, my waistline appreciates the use of restraint. With the Personal Pie Factory, I can still enjoy the thrill of eating a whole pie while telling restraint (who’s never been my friend to begin with) to take a long walk off a short pier.

With this heavenly little machine, you can crank out four mini-pies in less than ten minutes, and you don’t need any baking skills, either. Just grab some pie dough (store-bought frozen dough is fine) and your favorite filling, put it in, close the lid, and BAM! You have pies.


  • Cooks up 4 delicious mini pies in under 10 minutes
  • Nonstick surface for easy removal and cleanup
  • You supply the dough and the filling
  • 5.9 x 9.3 x 11 inches

Get the Personal Pie Factory for $26 from and never feel bad again about saying you ate the whole pie.

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  1. We’ve had these for decades in Australia. My dad (still in the USA) had dreams of installing a 240v outlet in his house just to import an AU pie maker.

    Good to see them in the US finally, he will be first in line to buy!

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