Passion Earring

Alchemy of England Passion Earring

The Passion Earring was designed with the Passion of the Christ in mind. Regardless of your beliefs, these earrings are definitely a looker. Its designer describes it as “A bramble of thorns entangles the ear, weeping tears of Swarovski crystal blood.” Interesting description, but the earring is a cool looking piece of jewelry.

These earrings intertwine all over your ear aside and dangle from your lobe to help you achieve a unique and edgy look. The red Swarovski makes it far from being your typical dangling silver earrings.

Give your style an updated look with the Passion Earring, which is available from Amazon for $39.


  1. Those are some cool looking earrings. I’ve actually never seen this before, so I’m wondering how it fits on the ears. Will look for into this passion earring, maybe even get one for myself.

  2. @Tapers: I have this earring. It was a gift from my hubby for our anniversary as well as the matching necklace (awwww). I can tell you both pieces are as lovely and striking as they look in pictures. The earring itself only goes thru one piercing in the lobe. There is a “thorn” that wraps slightly around the ear like a cuff, and a two-part bramble that fits over the top of the ear. It’s very comfortable and stable to wear, not heavy at all, and can handle quite a bit of movement before it threatens to come loose from the top of the ear ( obviously with no second piercing…), but I’ve never had it come off of the piercing itself where I’d risk losing it.
    Note: This is one one earring. One for the left ear only, not a pair.

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