PadTab: Wall Mount for iPad

PadTab - Wall Mount for iPad

Tired of having to position your iPad on your lap to watch a movie or television show? Using it to display recipes or flip through virtual cookbooks while preparing a scrumptious dinner for your family? Then what you need, my dear, is the PadTab Wall Mount for iPad.

The PadTab does exactly what its name suggest: mount your iPad on the wall. This way you can position your iPad conveniently on any location so you can watch movies or read off recipes and the like with ease. It’s easy to use as well; there’s no need for any tools or screws to hang this baby up on the wall. Just stick the PadTab on the wall, slide your iPad in it, and you’re good to go.

PadTab Mount for iPad

PadTab: Wall Mount for iPad

Tired of propping your tablet up on your kitchen counter while you whip up your latest culinary masterpiece? (Or like us, after you eat your significant other’s culinary masterpiece, you want to re-re-re-watch Game of Thrones while you wash the dishes.)

Here are some ideas for ways to use your PadTab:

  • In the kitchen: Stuck to a wall, cabinet, or fridge, you can use your tablet to compile the grocery list, read recipes, or watch videos.
  • D&D game night: Mount your initiative tracker (we like 4eTurnTracker!) behind the DM so everyone knows who is up next.
  • In the office: Can’t access Twitter on your work computer? No problem. Turn your iPad into a wall-mounted second monitor to access blocked sites.
  • Getting your +5 CHA: Mount your tablet to the wall in front of yourtorture exercise machine. Besides, looking at Khal Drogo is enough to inspire anyone to work out more.

The PadTab: Wall Mount for iPad is available from ThinkGeek for $19.99.

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