Ostrich Pocket Pillow For Napping

Ostrich Pocket Pillow

In the mood for a mid-day nap? If the Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow doesn’t do it for you, then you might want to lug out the Ostrich Pocket Pillow out of your briefcase overnight bag and stuff your face entire head into the plushy contraption.

Have you ever heard of that little piece of trivia that’s also been documented by channels like National Geographic and Discovery Channel? You know, the one that said the when you place a bag over an ostrich’s head, it will immediately start snoozing because it thinks that it’s already nighttime when the sun doesn’t shine in its eyes anymore? If you haven’t, then you already have, because I just told you.

The Pocket Pillow was designed by Kawamura Ganjavian, who probably thought it was a cool thing to design something based from this ostrich fact. However, what he failed to consider was how human beings can breathe (and breathe well) while stuffing their head in the Ostrich. It’s still a design though, so maybe Ganjavian can work out the kinks while he’s at it.

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