NOW Watch

NOW Watch

With the unisex NOW Watch ($50) you will never again need to worry about running out of batteries or think about daylight saving time. It’s simply “the most accurate time piece ever invented”.

A timely reminder of the only moment that really matters – NOW. The NOW watch consists of reflective metallic lettering on a traditional watch face that rests on a black leather cuff band. The black unisex design fits all wrists on both men and women.

It would also be the end to that strange phenomena when you look at your watch and someone then asks you what time it is. Hmm, how much was it? You have no idea, right?

(Via ThisNext)

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  1. This watch is a little expensive but the point is necessary for many people. Even though I hate it when people are late there are only a few times a day when you really need to know what time it is. Between your cellphone, car clock and your computer, do you really need a watch?

    One of the best books I ever read was The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. One of the best lessons is that there are not any truly ordinary moments. Standing in a line many people get frustrated and whine about their wait. Being in the moment has often brought me a sense of calm. Being in the moment and aware of our surroundings grounds us and stops us from ruminating and dwelling on the crap in our life.

    It is called a rut for a reason. Few people solve problems by dwelling on them. They usually get stuck in circular thinking. Most problem solving comes out of the blue just as ideas do. So essentially this watch will help you stop ruminating and think of ideas.

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