Nightwing Bludhaven T-Shirt

Batman would be proud of his young student on the Nightwing Bludhaven T-Shirt.

A masked vigilante stands on a creepy gargoyle, glaring down at the bad guys he’s getting ready to pummel as bats fly all around him. It’s a familiar image to comic book fans but this isn’t Gotham City and the vigilante definitely isn’t Batman.

Once upon a time ago, the boy formerly known as Robin grew up and became Nightwing. He had a new name and a new costume but he still felt like he was in Batman’s shadow so he left the mean streets of Gotham City for a more peaceful and tranquil locale known as… Bludhaven.

Okay, Dick Grayson knows he has the crimefighting bug so he moved to a place that’s almost as messed-up and corrupt as Gotham so he could keep punching bad guys in the face. Everyone needs a hobby they enjoy.

The shirt is 100% cotton and the image of Nightwing is 100% intimidating.

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