Nightmare Before Easter Basket

Nightmare Before Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny will soon be hopping our way, and he’s bringing the Nightmare Before Easter Basket with him to remove boring candy from the holiday.

Cute, yellow peeps and marshmallow eggs might be okay for some people, but you can take a lot of the cute out of anything if the packaging is just right. If you want something a little different in your Easter basket this year, you might want to give these festive delicacies a try –

Nightmare Before Easter Basket candy

  • Giant Gummi Bear – Forget those thumbnail size gummy bears. This bad boy is four inches tall.
  • Bacon Gumballs – It’s bacon… in a gumball. Do you really need to know any more about it?
  • Onion Ring Mints – Everyone uses mints that give fresh, minty breath. Be a little different and daring. Each tin contains 100 mints.
  • Sour Flush – This is the one and only time it’s okay to lick the plunger after sticking it in the toilet.
  • My Little Bunny – What’s this Double Crisp goody doing here? It is Easter after all, so a chocolate bunny is required. I think it’s a law.
  • Gummi Pet Rat – 11 inches of Gummy goodness.
  • Crik-Ettes – Need a little extra zing added to your insects? These crickets come in a variety of flavors, including Salt n’ Vinegar, Bacon & Cheddar Cheese, and Sour Cream & Onion.
  • Quick Blast Sour candy – A little mild compared to some of the other candies on the list but still loads of fun. Don’t try aiming a real fire extinguisher at your mouth.
  • Bean Boozled Jelly Beans – This is what happens when you cross jelly beans with Russian Roulette. 10 colors and 20 flavors, with half of those flavors being a joy and the other half making you wonder why you just put that in your mouth. Is that black jelly bean Licorice or Skunk Spray? Only one way to find out.
  • Hissee Fit Gummy Snake – Still hankering for more Gummy goodness after scarfing down the bear and rat? This 36-inch-long Gummy snake might fill you up.
  • Chocka Ca-Ca – Mmmmm-mmm. Doesn’t that look yummy? Don’t worry, it’s chocolate.
  • Waxed Cupcake Dental Floss – After using this floss, you’ll feel like you need to spend extra time brushing.

Give Peter Cottontail a helping hand, and get the Nightmare Before Easter Basket for $39.95 from

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