Minecraft Diamond Sword USB Flash Drive

Minecraft Diamond Sword USB Flash Drive

Minecraft is a game that you can waste many hours playing. You start and before you know it, it is several hours later. Now you can bring some Minecraft into the real world with this Minecraft Diamond Sword USB Flash Drive.

Wield this sword to move, save, copy, delete and run files on your laptop. It has a 16GB capacity and will remind you to get back into the game once your work is completed.

Give it as a cool geek gift and buy one for yourself. It is just $19.99 from Amazon.com.


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for the heads-up on this nifty collector’s item. I tried playing Minecraft once but got baffled at what’s someone’s actually supposed to do on there – I’ll give it a try in the coming days. Any tips for a rookie wanting to get started? Thanks!


    • Reply to Alana H.
      My advice is, get wood first, try to at least chop down 10 or 6 trees, make a sword,shovel,picaxe,and axe out of wood and make a shelter in a hill or something, to save materials. Mine stone and make stone tools, and a stone hoe. Also make a furnace with cobblestone and make sure to keep an eye on the sun, cuz if ur not on peaceful difficulty, the mobs will kill you! After your first night, keep mining, and building on to your house. I also advise to try and make a house near water, or live in a village, to grow crops to make bread,carrots and potatoes. Almost all this is on Xbox,and all of it is on PC/Computer version of Minecraft. To get a world where u spawn near a village and mining system, put it the seed 2347792175013291886 on PC/computer. For Xbox/PS3/PS4/consoles, put in the seed 3427421250909467705 . For PE(Pocket Edition/phone/tablet) use this seed -569693629 Once you spawn look behind you to find a really cool sand tunnel. After you head through the tunnel make a left and you will find a Sand Village dead ahead, with a bunch of crops. Your welcome!

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