Mantyhose: Pantyhose for Men


Word on the street is that the hottest thing when it comes to fashion for men right now is pantyhose. Yes, you read that right, and no, we’re not kidding. Designer Emilio Cavallini has revealed his new collection and it includes a full line of Mantyhose: Pantyhose for Men in various vibrant designs and patterns that will make more than just a fashion statement.

Pantyhose aren’t anything new for women, who have been wearing them since the last century. So maybe it’s time for the men to experience some added support and flaunt their muscular legs in these mantyhoses–or not.

Mantyhose Male Pantyhose

One pair of Mantyhose: Pantyhose for Men retails for €18 ($24) on Cavallini’s site.


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  1. If you want to market them right, don’t call them “Mantyhose”. It sounds outrageous, and outside of NYC guys probably wouln’t take too likely to the name(insert homophobia here). Why not call them “Long Johns”?

  2. who would were these or even have sex with a man wearing them?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. I agree with Aurora. I’m a guy, and I wouldn’t want to buy anything called mantyhose! lol Just call them tights, and that would work, I’m into that. But Fifi, geez, lighten up. Sure maybe you don’t like the look, but there are tons of guys out there, including me, who would rock some tights for various fashion reasons or otherwise. And, there are plenty of girls who are either cool with it, and even into it. I’ve met these guys and girls. Fashion evolves people, wake up, there were periods in the past where tights were a standard part of the male wardrobe! 🙂

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