LED Illuminated Shower Head


Many people spend a lot of time in the shower, so it only makes sense to try and make the experience even more fun. The LED Illuminated Shower Head adds some fun and relaxation to the shower experience, by continuously cycling through seven different colors.

The MagicShowerhead SH2026 cycles through a color every 8 seconds or so, allowing you to use a bit of light therapy when you are getting woken up and clean. It uses no batteries to create light. The water pressure alone is enough to create the power needed to cycle through the colors.

On average, Americans spend 35 minutes in their bathrooms every day. The MagicShowerhead brings a new level of fun and relaxation into the shower, providing the bathroom with a spa-like environment. The showerhead does not use batteries or electricity to function. It uses water pressure only to create the illuminating experience and illuminates up to seven different colors, in white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and green.

The MagicShowerhead Continuously Fading LED Illuminated Shower Head sells for $45 at Amazon.com.

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