LED Graffiti Magnets

Digital LED Graffiti Magnets

This set of 20 different LEDs each has a battery and a magnet attached. Pull the tab to activate, then place them on any magnet surface. They stick and glow brightly to let everyone know you were there, like a “Kilroy was here” message of the 21st century.

Product Features:

  • Decorate your world with LED Graffiti that light up and stick to metal surfaces
  • Each package includes 20 different LEDs:
    • 4 x 10mm Red
    • 4 x 10mm Blue
    • 4 x 10mm Green
    • 4 x 10mm Orange
    • 4 x 5mm Rainbow Cycling
  • Pull tab to activate. No on/off switch
  • LED battery life is approximately 48 hours
  • This is not a Toy. Not for children of any age

Digital LED Graffiti Magnets

The LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti set is availiable from the ThinkGeek website for $9.99.


  1. These are pretty easy to make on your own, just stick a thin magnet and a button cell between the two contacts of a led then wrap some electrical tape around it.

  2. awsome stuff man 🙂 Wouldnt it be a supersweet idea to decorate the Serious request (musikhjalpen) house in Malmo with those lights during the night.

  3. I love ThinkGeek but come on, how frakin lazy can you be? People have been making these like forever and you can buy components for abot 100 for ~ $20.

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