Land Peel Floor Mat

Land Peel

Stuck in a flat with little room to move around in, let alone cart in some heavy duty furniture? Then what you need is the Land Peel, an innovative and flexible floor mat that’s all the furniture you need in one neat, portable tile.

The Land Peel looks just like your typical floor mat but with one big twist: aside from the square folds, there are also some strategic and well-placed cuts throughout the panels.

Land Peel

Peel up a section of the mat, fold it into place, and voila! You now have a desk to do your work on. Ready for a meal or just for a quick rest? Peel up another portion of the mat and fold it into a comfortable seat rest for your back.

You can fold more than one table or seat for each Land Peel mat you have so any company or guests can make themselves comfortable, too.

Land Peel

Unfortunately, the Land Peel is still just a concept design by Shin Yamashita, who is a student from the Kyoto Institute of Technology. Hopefully it will be available commercially soon. I guess we’ll just have to keep our eyes and ears peeled for its release.

(Via Gizmodo)

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