Kneel Before Me T-Shirt

Kneel Before Me Shirt

What happens when two iconic movie villains with a fondness for making others kneel meet one another? The Kneel Before Me T-Shirt doesn’t really answer that question but it does provide something to ponder when you don’t feel like wracking your brain over anything that might actually be important.

Terence Stamp as Zod in Superman 2 had the kind of voice that demanded obedience. With just a handful of words, he made his demand known, with a tone that denied all resistance.

On the other hand, Tom Hiddleston as Loki in The Avengers used a (some say sexy) tone that seemed to appeal to logic and reason. “Is not this simpler?” Loki asks. “Is this not your natural state?” Of course, you want to say yes because this is freakin’ Tom Hiddleston Loki, but that doesn’t mean kneeling is the right thing to do.

Kneel Before Me T-Shirt

Regardless of who you think said it better, you can get the Kneel Before Me T-Shirt for $19.95 at NeatoShop.

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