Create Giant Speakers with K-box


Kerchoonz has today unveiled the K-box – a portable device, similar in size to an iPhone, that will turn tables, walls and other flats surfaces into giant speakers.

Plug the small box into any laptop, portable gaming device, netbook, mp3 player mobile phone or even TV, equipped with a headphone jack. Place it on a desktop, table top or wall and using its unique internal patented gel audio technology, it will convert the entire surface underneath it into a giant audio speaker, with a fantastic bass sound.

The rubber-based device has an average output performance of 95dB at 1m, with the bass performance changing, dependent on differing surface levels but averaging at around 40-20 Khz) – pretty impressive, considering the unit only has 2W RMS.

The K-box is available from with a retail price of £39.99 (about $64 USD).


  1. this looks really cool like something to use for holidays when you want to hear music without the headphones. I’ve been looking for something like this. thanks for the link.

  2. This sounds amazing! I love the fact that it’s so small, yet generates a good level!

    Count me in! I’m away to have a look at the site! It all sounds very interesting!

  3. This could be perfect for me. I wonder what it sounds like for gaming? My HDTV has literally no bass in it’s speakers and feel I miss out on so much with my PlayStation 3 gaming and blu ray movies. I wonder if I can use it as I charge it? Plugging into the USB on my PS3 while using it on my TV!

  4. Handy for when I want play my ipod in the office before everyone else turns up 🙂
    And the price isn’t too bad either – I want one!

  5. GOT ONE!! It’s plugged into my laptop right now and I’m blaring out my iTunes! It only took 2hrs to do a full charge and it lasts for 20hrs!! Best thing I’ve bought in ages. Thank you for posting it.

  6. How come all the ‘reviews’ I find for this speaker are nothing more than the promo sheet, and all the comments sound like astro-turf???

  7. A mate has one of these – Sound is better than you’d think. It’s a bit thicker than I’d like but I guess it has to be to get that bass response.
    Price isn’t too bad either.

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