Just Like Dad Candy Cigarettes

Just Like Dad Candy Cigarettes

Got a husband (or dad) who just won’t quit smoking, no matter how you beg and plead with him to stop? Then it’s time to use the dirtiest trick in the book: his kids. Simply let his sons (or daughters) in on the plan and hand them a box of these Just Like Dad Candy Cigarettes to get things rolling. Make sure they carry around the box in plain sight, too.

Once good old dad sees what a bad influence he’s being to his kids (and how much damage he’s doing to his health), he’ll give up his bad habit in no time. He probably won’t appreciate it when you ‘fess up and tell him that his kids aren’t really smoking but just chewing on some candy. But hopefully, he’ll get the message.

Just Like Dad Candy Cigarettes

Candy Cigarettes are classics. These fun orange flavored candy cigarettes come in a retro inspired box. Each box of Just Like Dad Candy Cigarettes comes with 12 candies that look somewhat like the real thing.

  • Box Contains 12 Candy Cigarettes
  • Orange Flavored
  • Box Reads: Just Like Dad Candy Cigarettes
  • Box Measures: 3.5″ x 2″ x 1″

The Just Like Dad Candy Cigarettes are available from Retro Planet for $2.39 a box.

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