Jeweled Heart Mouse

Jeweled Heart Mouse

There are many different types of lovers in the world. There are the simple ones who show their affection for you through relatively simple means. There are those who are creative and put in a lot of effort into making you feel special and loved. And then there are the flashy kind of lovers who go to great lengths to let you (and the entire world know) know just how special you are.

In parallel, there are also different themed heart-shaped computer mice to match each personality: there’s the Red Heart Mouse for the simple lover, the Optical Heart Mouse for the creative lover, and the Jeweled Heart Mouse for the flashy, over-the-top lover.

Really, words can’t do enough justice for the Jeweled Heart Mouse. This computer mouse is covered all over with acrylic rhinestones that make it look all blinged out. Not only is it extremely functional and useful, but it also adds a glitzy touch to any desktop.

The Jeweled Heart Mouse is available from Neatoshop for $19.95.

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