JAWS Chum Bucket T-Shirt

JAWS Chum Bucket T-Shirt

You wouldn’t expect a film about a shark munching on people to have much humor but the JAWS Chum Bucket T-Shirt captures one of those light-hearted moments.

Before there was Sharknado, there was JAWS, which told the heart-warming story about a poor Great White Shark doing his best to avoid starving by munching on anyone foolish enough to get in the water. One of those poor fools was Chief Brody… and he was doing it because it was his job so go easy on the guy.

That moment Brody gets his first look at their adversary is when he’s serving up chum (yum) and the shark surfaces to see if they have any ketchup. Brody is understandably startled and utters the now-classic line, ‘You’re gonna need a bigger boat.’

Admittedly, the moment does lose a little humor when it seems like you’re watching the scene unfold from inside the shark, but what you lose in funny you gain back in awesome.

JAWS Chum Bucket Shirt

The JAWS Chum Bucket T-Shirt is available for $27 at Fright Rags.


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