Interactive Table Showing Dangerous Animals

Interactive Table Showing Dangerous Animals

This interactive table, created by the Australian Lightwell company, is currently at display at the Australian Museum as part of the “Surviving Australia” exhibition.

It features interactive screen applications and atmospheric/informative video programs to let the visitors explore some of Australia’s most dangerous animals.

Here’s a video showing the “Dangerous Australian” table in action:

(Video is no longer available.)

The largest and most ambitious multimedia element in the exhibition is a six-metre long interactive table exploring Australia’s deadliest top ten. The saltwater crocodile, funnel web spider, box jelly fish, brown snake – what happens if you encounter them and what should you do to survive? Scurrying across sand or lurking under rippling waters, the table’s inhabitants respond immediately to prying visitors in a scarily life-like way.

Created using custom software running on Mac OS X, visitors can interact directly with these ‘dangerous Australians’ and enjoy an immersive and informative experience. As well as risk being bitten or attacked, visitors can use a magnifying glass tool to get a closer look, or find out more about each creature’s habitat and behavior, or first aid treatment. Multiple users can interact with the table at any one time, making the experience all the more fun and lively.

Head over to the Lightwell website for more photos and information.


  1. Thats cool. Im sure I would have liked to have gone to a museum like that when i was in grade school.

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