Inflatable Dinosaur Head

Inflatable Dinosaur Head

If you are a hunter who likes to display trophies on your wall, there is one head you have never been able to add to your collection. A dinosaur. They were extinct long before hunters even existed. Well, now you can display the head of a dinosaur proudly, thanks to this Inflatable Dinosaur Head.

Sure, the rest of your hunting buddies have stag and bear heads all over the place, but none of them are manly enough to bag a dinosaur. Sure, instead of stalking your prey carefully for hours, you simply made an order using the internet. And instead of firing a kill shot, you simply opened the box and inflated it, but that has to count for something right?

Real men have Dinosaur heads on their wall. End of story. So if you want to impress your friends, this 13″ diameter x 13 inches deep Inflatable Dinosaur Head can be yours for $24.99 from Perpetualkid.

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