Inflatable Chicken Fight Pool Floats

Inflatable Chicken Fight Pool Floats

Take chicken fights to the next level with these Inflatable Chicken Fight Pool Floats. Normally for chicken fights (AKA  shoulder wars), you need four people, since each fighter is on the shoulders of another teammate. With these inflatable chicken fight pool floats, you only need two people, since each rides on one of the blow-up chickens. It will give you all of the fun and excitement of chicken fights, but hopefully be a bit safer since there are fewer people to bump into.

Play Day Inflatable Chicken Fight Ride-On Floats

  • Includes two floats
  • Chicken design
  • Durable PVC construction
  • Quick and easy to inflate

Buy the Inflatable Chicken Fight Ride-On Float 2-Pack for $29.96 at Walmart. Other fun Pool Floats include the Millennium Falcon, Pretzel, and Baseball Glove. For the ultimate pool float, check out the Cabana Islander.

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  1. Two merchants, itemsonthego and storeinfluencer, advertise these with links to Amazon at a price of $27.71 per set of two balloons. Following these links leads to Amazon pages advertising prices of $49.95, $52.95, and up. I have not seen a page where $27.71 will actually buy a set. Is it just me, or is there something here not quite straight up and down?

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