Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug

Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug

Not many of us are lucky enough to work from home these days and most of us suffer some type of boring commute. With today’s gas prices and insurance costs, I doubt any of you are driving a classic hot rod to work every day…are you? If you want to add a little excitement to your daily commute, not to mention keep your morning coffee warm, you’re going to want to get the Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug.

This classic looking mug offers you a chance to finally enjoy warm coffee on that morning drive to work. With its included DC adapter, simply plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter or 12v outlet and you will be able to enjoy your coffee just how you like it. The mug itself is designed to help us reminisce about the days when hot rods ruled the streets, gas was $.35 a gallon, and your daily commute was probably no more than 10 minutes away. This heated travel mug comes in your choice of candy apple red or midnight glossy black, with analog temperature gauge and toggle switch; all the looks of a classic hot rod muscle car without the poor gas mileage!

Hot Rod 12v Heated Travel Mug

Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug

  • Thermally insulated travel mug
  • 12v DC adapter keeps your beverage hot
  • Analog temperature gauge and on/off toggle switch
  • LED Power indicator
  • Nonskid rubberized base
  • Candy apple red, or midnight glossy black
  • Holds 8 ounces

Give that Prius driver you know something to smile about. Get him/her the Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug from ThinkGeek for $24.99.

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