Hobbit Schedule T-Shirt

Hobbit Schedule T-Shirt

As the Hobbit Schedule T-Shirt proves, Hobbits are in no danger of ever going hungry but I’m not sure how healthy this diet is for a group of people that are only about three feet tall.

The Hobbits of Middle-Earth have to be a doctor’s nightmare. They rarely leave the Shire, enjoy sitting around and partying, always seems to be puffing on a pipe, and they eat on a schedule that would bring most humans to their knees… although I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. However, after eating the seven meals of the day, I’d probably have to go up a size or two on the shirt.

Want to give the Hobbit diet a try? Make sure you always have the menu with you. The Hobbit Schedule T-Shirt is available for $31.99 at Skreened.

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