Geek Eyewear

Geek Eyewear

For years, geeks have been getting teased and even beaten up just because they had to wear thick, horn-rimmed spectacles. Contact lenses and Lasik eye surgery have taken the unfortunate edge off some of them. But it was just a matter of time before the four-eyed Steve Urkel look would find its cozy niche within avant-garde fashion and pop culture trends. Introducing Geek Eyewear, glasses made for geeks, presumably by geeks.

The acceptance of geek culture didn’t happen overnight. It’s taken a culmination of visually-challenged heroes such as Harry Potter, Weezer, Velma from Scooby-Doo, Marty McFly, Clark Kent, the naughty librarian, and Dwight to demonstrate that geeks are lovable and know how to win at things.

GeekAlerts has known that all along and has been supporting and celebrating the geek race. Furthermore, we only hope to help geeks live long and prosper. Geek Eyewear seems to be singing the same tune, and has an affordable lineup of eyewear frames to give you that je ne sais quoi. Their prices seem to range from $50-$129 US per frame, with model names like Geek 101, Rad 09, and a line of vintage eyewear and sunglasses.

You can find yourself a pair of frames at, where they offer free shipping in the US. (lucky Americans!) They also have a fun website where you can see what’s going on with other geeks in the world.


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