Game of Thrones Joffrey Perfect Target Poster

Game of Thrones Joffrey Perfect Target Poster

Joffrey Baratheon has become the character everyone loves to hate because he’s the worst type of spoiled, whiny brat there is – the type with the power to have your head chopped off. The Game of Thrones Joffrey Perfect Target Poster lets you put your passion for the character to good use.

Whether you want to actually use the poster for target practice or not is up to you, but you have to admit Joffrey has a face made to have a dagger buried in it. He’s so perfectly evil that I sometimes worry about Jack Gleeson, the actor that portrays the little king on HBO’s Game of Thrones, because I can easily imagine perfect strangers walking up to him on the street and slapping the snot out of him.

The poster features an image of the irrepressible little brat with his typical haughty expression, which doesn’t seem nearly as intimidating now that a few target scoring rings are surrounding him. There’s even a key in the upper left corner letting you know what type of score is required to become a member of the Night’s Watch.

In addition to being available as a poster, you can also get the image on t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and as a cover for your iPhone or iPod. NOTE: Not advised to use as an actual target if you go for the iPhone/iPod selection.

The Game of Thrones Joffrey Perfect Target Poster is available at A 16.4 x 24.9 poster is $24.70 while the 23.4 x 31.2 poster is $43.23.

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