Flask: 41 Portable Cocktails Book

Flask 41 Portable Cocktails Book

High drink prices, social decorum, pesky rules…there are many reasons people choose to use a flask. Yet just because you’re sneaking in booze, doesn’t mean it has to be straight spirits. With the Flask: 41 Portable Cocktails Book, you have 144 pages of portable cocktail recipes, so you can try a new one each time you go out.

This flask cocktail recipe book is in hardcover, making it a nice gift. It is written by Sarah Baird and illustrated by Christopher DeLorenzo.

Going beyond sneaky whiskey in a bottle, Flask is the elevated guide to enjoying a cocktail on the go. Organized by occasion, these 41 simple and modern drink recipes are perfectly packaged into 6 and 17 oz. servings for sipping solo or sharing with friends, and just strong enough to get you doing the Electric Slide. With its attractive die-cut window and shiny silver foil endpapers, Flask makes a perfect gift for cocktail connoisseurs or casual drinkers alike!

Flask: 41 Portable Cocktails is $16.95 $11.86 at BoxLunch. (Sale price at the time of publication and subject to change.)


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