Emulator DJ

Touchscreen Emulator DJ

If you’ve ever been to a club, then you know that the DJ plays a huge role in livening up the party. In fact, a bad DJ almost always translates to a crappy party, as exhibited by the near-empty dance floor and the line that’s forming at the club’s exit. Despite this importance, most DJ’s are hiding behind their booths either at the back of the room or behind the stage while other people take center stage. If you happen to be a DJ and want to get your face out there a bit more, then you might want to look into the Emulator DJ.

The Emulator DJ is a cool, one-of-a-kind see-through mixing desk. Nothing to push, flick, or turn on this mixing board because all you have to do is touch, tap, and drag to get the party started. Not only that, but the Emulator DJ looks hot, hot, hot to boot and makes you a part of the party.

Emulator DJ

Emulator DJ

So besides raising the roof to shine a little moonlight on your mush, how is a DJ to be seen as well as heard? Simple. With a massive see-through touchscreen mixing desk (of course). Boasting everything a DJ could need on one touch-sensitive table, the Emulator DJ makes as big an impact on the crowd as your waves of powerful sound.

The toughened glass allows your audience to watch as you craft your mix, add effects, cue new tunes and make up new ones on the spot. And with the Emulator’s advanced multi-touch software you can be fading between tracks with one hand while you’re tapping out effects with the other.

  • Toughened glass touchscreen mixing table
  • Features the world’s first and only multi-touch midi controller PC software for DJs
  • Includes training, installation and lifetime supply of emulator software upgrades
  • All graphics in Emulator are accelerated by hardware, our graphical engine guarantees low CPU usage

To inquire about the Emulator DJ go to Firebox where prices starting at £4,300 ($6665) for the 32″ touch emulator. The 42″ and 46″ emulators are priced at £4,700 ($7285) and £5,600 ($8680), respectively.


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