Dyson Hot Fan Heater

Dyson Hot AM04 Fan Heater

While it may not be as hot as the glowing eye of Sauron in “Lord of the Rings,” the AM04 Dyson Hot Fan Heater strikes an uncanny resemblance to the evil eye; either that or a bubble wand.

Dyson Hot Fan Heater

  • Draws in surrounding air to heat the whole room faster than any other
  • Feel direct heat throughout the room.
  • Tip-over automatic cut out. No visible heating elements.
  • Select target temperature to the degree. The intelligent thermostat keeps it there.
  • Maintains temperature below dust burning point.

Other than its peculiar shape and it being a shiny source of heat, there’s really nothing evil about the Dyson Hot Fan Heater. Rather, it’s quite the “Gandalf” of a product. It’s designed completely differently from conventional heaters with several safety features in mind.

Dyson Hot Fan Heater

If you run this heater while little Hobbits are running around the house, they are definitely going to want to touch the interesting loop. But the loop will not burn little hands, nor would the loop cut curious fingers because it has no blades. It’s even designed not to reach dust-burning temperatures that are known to create that awful Gollum-like smell. If the heater gets knocked down by these clumsy creatures, the heater has an automatic function that switches off the heating plates.

The loop oscillates from the base itself and doesn’t take up much space, and there’s a touch-tilt feature that allows the user to better direct heat for maximizing personal comfort. Control freaks will love setting the heater to exact temperatures.  A magnetic remote lies perfectly on top of the loop for easy access and loss prevention.

But the best thing about the heater is that it heats up a room quickly and evenly, thanks to its brushless DC (direct current) motor, patented Air Multiplier technology, and oscillation. James Dyson could explain it better and make it sound way cooler like he does on his commercials.

Speaking of cooler, this heater is also a fan during the hot months of the year. Therefore, there’s no need to store it away in a closet, garage, or shed. Instead, it can be a permanent fixture in your home or office all-year round. And you’ll want to keep it around because of its good looks.

Make the Dyson Hot Fan Heater your new “precious” by going to Amazon.com, where they have the White/Silver model for $379.95. Also, both the White/Silver and Iron/Blue models are sold at the Dyson site for $399.99 and Best Buy for $399.99.


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