Don’t Spill The Beans Game

Don't Spill The Beans Game

What you teach children during their early stages in life is most likely what’s going to mold and shape them as they grow older. One important lesson that they should learn early on is that it’s always uncool to waste food. Sure, they might not like it–heck, they might even hate it, but it’s still no reason to spit it out or push the bowl off the table. A simple game that can help get that point across is the Don’t Spill The Beans Game.

The Don’t Spill The Beans Game is pretty simple really: all you have to do is not spill the beans, that’s it. You can eventually replace the beans with some other small object, but still, the goal remains the same: don’t spill it, don’t waste it. Kapish?

Don’t Spill The Beans Game
Don’t spill the beans! Wasting food is a sign of weak moral fiber! Tread carefully and win in this classic fun game! Test your bean-balancing skills with this preschool favorite of more than 30 years! For 2 or more players. Ages 3 to 6.

The Don’t Spill The Beans Game is available from Entertainment Earth for $9.99.

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