Doctor Who Selfie T-Shirt

Doctor Who Selfie TShirt

As the Doctor Who Selfie T-Shirt reveals, the Doctor would have the most crowded self-portrait that ever existed if he managed to take a selfie that captured all his regenerations.

The great thing about this shirt is that it literally has all of the Doctor’s regenerations up to this point in time. The often-overlooked War Doctor is here, looking just as grumpy as ever, and Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor, the newest incarnation of the Time Lord, is also on the scene. I especially like how Twelve seems to be shoving Nine out of the way. No offense, Nine, but that’s a creepy smile on your face.

Also, isn’t it sort of fitting to have David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor be the one actually holding the camera? I can see him being the camera-hound of the bunch, but that could just be because of the hair.

Doctor Who Selfie Shirt

The Doctor Who Selfie T-Shirt by Medusa Dollmaker is available for $20.94 at


    • I would have sworn he was in the larger photo. The War Doctor actually is on the shirt, standing at the back of the pack. If you look at the second image in the post, or click the link to Red Bubble, you’ll see the War Doctor standing with the others.

    • I have updated the photo. As Marty mentioned, the image does have the War Doctor in the far back…I originally changed Marty’s photo for one that didn’t have a watermark on it and i didn’t notice that the War Doctor was missing from it. I have since corrected my mistake. 🙂

  1. Oh… and just in case you’re still checking the comments, AJ, your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. War Doctor? Hurt… as in John Hurt? Good one 😉

    • lol, thank you Marty, I do appreciate that. Now with the update it looks like I’m a blind mental patient since the War Doctor is *literally* at the top of the pic *and* in the description, but I’ll make peace with that. The “often-overlooked” makes me seem even more ridiculous, but I can’t stop laughing at the idea that someone watching the updated pic and description will think, “This guy went out of his way to point out that he’s completely oblivious…”

      But (not to second guess the artist at all, I love this and so want this t-shirt!!) am I the only thinking he would be rolling his eyes at the idea of a selfie? “Selfie-Welfie?!?”

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