Doctor Who ‘Finally Ginger’ T-Shirt

Doctor Who Finally Ginger T-Shirt

A Time Lord learns to be careful what he wishes for on the Doctor Who ‘Finally Ginger’ T-Shirt.

The Doctor finally got his wish. He’s ginger. Unfortunately, he’s no longer in humanoid form. Obviously, regeneration giveth… but it also taketh away.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a time-travelling feline. Outrunning Daleks will be a piece of cake and he can see Weeping Angels, even in the dark. However, wielding the sonic screwdriver might be a little tricky. And catnip. What happens if the Doctor gets near catnip?

The image, which includes various iconic elements from the Doctor’s long history, was created by Syreene.

Doctor Who Finally Ginger Shirt

The Doctor Who ‘Finally Ginger’ T-Shirt is available for $14 at

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