Doctor Who Doctor 13 T-Shirt

Twelve’s time is done as Capaldi ends his run but the Doctor Who Doctor 13 T-Shirt reveals what could be when the Doctor Who clock strikes thirteen.

Peter Capaldi is getting ready to step away from the controls of the TARDIS and artist pscullin provides an idea of who could step into the iconic Time Lord’s shoes.

Hayley Atwell’s portrayal of Agent Peggy Carter made her a fan favorite for a lot of Whovians. After the backlash of having ‘some old guy’ become the Doctor, I think the show will play it safe and offer up a Matt Smith or David Tennant clone instead of trying to be original again, but I’m all for Atwell becoming the first female Doctor, although I do hope she would have a more interesting wardrobe than Twelve’s old threads.

What do you think? Who would make a good Thirteenth Doctor?

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  1. While I am a fan of Hayley Atwell, I think Tilda Swinton would be a better choice for the first female doctor. She would be absolutely fantastic in that role!

    • Swinton is another one who could definitely own the role of the Doctor, but to be completely honest, my ultimate fan-casting of the role (which will never happen in a million years), is Helena Bonham Carter.

      I doubt #13 will be female but I think it will happen in the next few years since the show has recently focused on establishing that regeneration is not gender-specific.

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