Doctor Who ‘A Breach in the Vortex’ Poster

Doctor Who A Breach in the Vortex Poster

Maybe you’ll never get to travel in the TARDIS but the Doctor Who ‘A Breach in the Vortex’ Poster gives you a pretty good idea of what it might look like if you were to have an adventure through time and space.

The Doctor and his companion go spinning through the vibrantly-colored time vortex as they travel to their next adventure but what’s that to the side? The Time Lord isn’t alone when he’s in the vortex and it appears the TARDIS does more than allow the Doctor to travel; it protects him from the things that call this space between dimensions home.

Created by artist Joe-Roberts, this Doctor Who-themed image is available in a wide variety of sizes, either framed or unframed.

The Doctor Who ‘A Breach in the Vortex’ Poster is available starting from $22.80 at

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