Doctor Who 11th Doctor Collectible Doll

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Collectible Doll

Before Amy Pond traveled through time and space, she was a little girl with an imaginary friend known as the Raggedy Doctor. The Doctor Who 11th Doctor Collectible Doll is a great idea that’s meant to give little Amelia Pond’s make-believe character a physical form. Unfortunately, this uniquely-designed doll suffers either from being mislabeled or being created from someone that’s never watched the show.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of having a Doctor with a beard added to the list of Doctor Who collectibles, but let’s not forget facts: Little Amelia didn’t see the Doctor with a beard. He was clean-shaven. Also, her description of the Raggedy Doctor would not have included this particular jacket or a bow tie because he was still in the 10th Doctor’s outfit during their first encounter.

Aside from those little details, the bearded Doctor is pretty cool, dressed in real clothes and toting a sonic screwdriver.

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Doll

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Collectible Doll

  • Modeled after Amelia Pond’s Raggedy Doctor
  • Posable neck, arms, and legs
  • Officially licensed Doctor Who collectible
  • Materials: Plastic with fabric clothing
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ tall

You can get the Doctor Who 11th Doctor Collectible Doll for $19.99 at

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  1. ThinkGeek has (wisely relabled their doll as being based off of the Day of the Moon episode rather than young Amelia’s recollections of the Raggedy Doctor. This was very clearly a mislabeled product. There was a youtube video up from 2012 or 2011 that had a child doing a review of this product, which included the manufacturer’s packaging, website, and product description. No where on there did it claim to be the Raggedy Doctor – it was simply labeled “Eleventh Doctor with Beard.” I’d love to hear what happened behind the scenes on this situation! If you ever find out, please blog about it for us! There was obviously some kind of massive communication mixup between ThinkGeek and their distributor, and it was rather hilarious watching the fandom explode on the product page for that doll. I felt rather bad for ThinkGeek, to be honest! All the comments from that mishap are now missing, so there’s no way to know at what point ThinkGeek realized the product description was utterly screwy. Let us know if you find out! 🙂

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