Creepy Harley Quinn T-Shirt

Creepy Harley Quinn Shirt

The Creepy Harley Quinn T-Shirt gives an interesting spin to the Joker’s number-one fan and obsessed girlfriend.

Harley Quinn has been portrayed as goofy, sexy, and comically crazy but the artist known as TentaclesAndTeeth provides a look at how Harley Quinn would probably really look. The pale skin and rough-around-the-edges mask that looks like it was painted on by hand gives a seriously dark and creepy look at the woman who would do anything to be Mrs. J.

I love the blood-splatter on the white collar of her harlequin costume and the blood-stained mallet being held behind her back because it just adds to the dark tone of the image.

The shirt itself is black, made of 100% cotton, and available for both men and women.

Creepy Harley Quinn T-Shirt

The Creepy Harley Quinn T-Shirt is available for $14 at

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